12 weeks on

August 20th, 2010

It’s now 12 weeks since my final payment left the bank…. I am gobsmacked at how quick it has gone. I was so desperate to make that final payment that the last month of the IVA was in ‘go slow’ mode.

So here I am on a rainy morning, wondering how long it will be to get things finalised.  I’ve still not heard a peep from DFD and some on the forum tell me to get onto them but part of me wants to wait (and be patient… not a natural trait of mine I’m afraid) just to see how long it does take.  I fell that I don’t really have to worry about it so much as I know that it’s over.  I guess I would like that piece of paper telling me it’s all over but actually as I have said before…. an email from DFD just to confirm things would be lovely.  I don’t want  to pester Declan again as the poor bloke has had enough to cope with from me in recent times.

Life is better… I will be honest and say that to not have to worry about money so much is lovely.  I am though trying to make savings where I can… oh this IVA has taught me so many lessons. I’ve just reduced my mobile tarrif, saving me £10 a month.  My shopping bill has reduced.. not increased.. I just don’t buy stuff we dont need anymore.  I think during the IVA, I’d buy extra in case one week I didn’t have enough money.  in fact my shopping bill has reduced by a third.

I am now the owner of a lime green Vanquis Credit card.  I didn’t want  to use it and I’m stood in Tesco shaking at the till when I put it in the machine!!  They gave me a credit limit of £500 and my balance at the moment is zilch! But the whole point of this is to help my credit rating and also have a ‘fall back’ should we ever need one.

Now my worries are about keeping our jobs and will we move next year!  if we move our rent will increase 3 fold so then I worry what if one of us loses our jobs.. how do we cope.  Oddly enough, when the IVA was live.. if we had a serious problem.. I knew that I could negotiate with DFD for a payment break.  I don’t have that fall back now and as much as I want to get some savings behind us, I havent managed that yet. I never was any good at saving money… always very good at spending… hence the IVA.. yes I still spend but its a different sort of spending.  Although I am the first to  say ‘I’m not paying that for that!’ I like a good bargain me.

I’m looking forward to the Christmas FF party, I am determine Hubby should come along with me and meet the people who kept me sane and still do. 😉 I’m not 100% sure he is going to come with me, but I will do my best.

The best part of being debt free?  I’ve been able to help people whereas I couldn’t before. That feeling is priceless.  Long may it continue.


6 weeks later

July 13th, 2010

It’s now been 6 weeks since our IVA last payment.  I have yet to hear anything from DFD and I’m not sure what I am waiting for but I had thought that we might of gotten and email or call to confirm the final payment.  I don’t know how long it will take to get our Certificate of Completion but I know I have to be patient and I’ll be excited to not see our names on the Insolvency Register.

Life has been pretty much the same since the end payment but I will say it is more relaxed.  I have been able to do more, obviously with money but it’s being able to say ‘yes’ to people for lunch dates or nights out, rather than have to sheepishly decline and find an excuse as to why we can’t go anywhere. I’ve had 3 sunday Lunch’s in the pub and the first one was my very fist ever in my life! I think we led a rather sheltered life, all of course due to not having the money to do it.

Our house is being ‘modernised’  but as we rent then we don’t have to pay for any of it, only the upkeep so to speak. I’m looking forward to winter as I’ll not have to worry about lighting fires etc but I do anticiapte that the gas will cost us more. Good job it has only been done now rather than last year. so much needs doing here and I think it’s going to be a losing battle, so much so that we are thinking about moving into town. Rent will tripple though and hub and I have decided to work out a budget and see if we can manage it. We don’t need to be here in the village anymore. We both work in town and youngest son goes to school in town so all his friends are there.  I don’t know if it will come off but we have told our Landlord we want to move and he himself mentioned that he may be able to buy another house in town and rent it to us.  That would be perfect for us as then I’d know it was a very long term let and I wouldn’t have to worry about the owner wanting to sell. we shall have to see if that happens, although I am only a little hopeful.

I’m still ‘tight’ I only like to spend money on bargains… Thank you Ebay! I can’t justify spending lots on anything (apart from my dresses for the occasions of my friends Hen do and Wedding) I stand in the shop and think… why would I want to pay all that, I can get it cheaper on ebay. It actually scares me to think that I could spend a lot but I get a bigger kick out of cheap buys.

I have a bugdet sheet set up for now until the end of next year, I know exactly where money is going and basically what is coming in. I feel safe knowing that its all there in black and white and I would urge everyone, if not done already to do something of the same.

The biggest thing the IVA has taught me is that I do not need the biggest or most expensive, My failing was to just buy and worry about the costs later. Now its the other way around. I havent increased my shopping allowance, I thought I might but we dont need to, so its set at that amount for the next 18 months at least.

My biggest spend was to book and pay for a holiday for a week for hub and myself, paid for in cash and the first ever holiday where we’ve paid for it ourselves and not used loans or credit cards.  It’s not an expensive holiday but it’s just time away to mark the end of an era.  will I ever get another credit card?  Honestly I dont know.  I think about applying for the Vanquis card in the future but I honestly wonder if I could refrain from using it.  It’s all very well saying ‘I’ll buy the shopping on it and then pay it off straight away’ I just don’t know if I would. So I have decided to not apply for one, certainly not in the foreseeable future anyway.

So now all I hope for is that the IVA is fully concluded very soon.

Thats all for now folks xxxx

Debt Free Day

May 28th, 2010

7.05am friday 28th may 2010…. The bank tells me our final payment has left the bank!

Wow… 5 years 6 months and 5 days since the day my hubby picked up the phone and admitted defeat.  2017 days… doesn’t seem much when you think of it like that.

I often wondered how I’d feel today and all I’ve done is smile and I keep saying to my daughter.. ‘we’re debt free’.  I haven’t seen Hubby yet today but I’m sure he is feeling as good as I am. Celebrations are in the way of a £3 bottle of wine and a take away curry.

I have to publicly thank a few people. the profesionals… Melanie, Andy, Declan, Size 5, Michael Peoples… all the advice you have freely given me has been so very much appreciated, you’re a brilliant bunch and to know that anyone can get advice from these profesional people for free at any time of the day, you’re very very special people.

My forum buddies …. Kallis (Jan) hub Dave (and suxie, Lloyd and the new addition), Skippy (Tracey) and Harry, Julie (Tiede, Latch and Dobby), Lesley, Lisa, Freelilli (and Cole), Viki.W (and Nia), Wizzzard, Lyns, Cath… oh there are too many of you to name… so sorry to those I have missed.  What I want  to say is I WOULD NOT OF GOT THROUGH THIS WITHOUT YOU.  The emails off forum, the support on forum, facebook buddies too.  I am so very very grateful for all your words of wisdom and the care and thought that you have given me in desperate times.  >>>>> hugs for you all<<<<<,

So today is the first day of the rest of our lives.. I do have plans, some small some big.  But Debt is in the past and never will it darken my door again.

Thank you for everything,  H xxxxxx

it’s been a long time!

April 16th, 2010

I am so sorry I haven’t updated for ages, I’ve a new pc and it wouldn’t let me in, however I’ve finally beaten it and here I am.  ok… I have no idea where I left it last time so I shall start with November last year.

 I attended my first FF party and it was a pretty good turn out.  I met so many more forum buddies and we had a lovely time.  Mel Giles sponsered the event, thank you so much Mel.  I think I may of appeared a little drunk but I wasn’t honest… I kept tripping over my heels 🙂 Oh have to save a big thanks to my smoking buddies for keeping me company out there in that dark carpark. Very Chivalrous (I so can not spell that) Special thanks go to Jan (kallis3) and hubby Dave for putting me up and feeding me once again, I wouldn’t of had a clue where to go on the train so thank you for taking that worry away from me.

Just before the FF meeting, my youngest son decided to break his wrist! (2nd time other wrist!!) it was a particularly nasty break, one which required immediate surgery and then visits to and from the hospital to see the consultant.  It wasn’t until the end of January that we found it it had been succesful and had healed the best it ever would.

A few days after that I had a major problem.  my darling Hira had somehow burst his eyeball (he’s my cat!) and it had ulcerated.  This meant a trip to the vets and ultimately surgery to remove the eye. You can imagine the panic I was in… so close to Christmas, no money etc, well I have to say that DFD came to the rescue in spectacular fashion and I was allowed to use what I needed from the following months payment and pay for everything he needed.  He is now fully recovered, has adjusted to only having the one eye and is to date the MOST expensive cat I have ever had!!  We are allowed to pay the arrears at the very end of our IVA.

Ok so we hit Christmas… ebay came into force again and I 90% of all presents came from there.  I actually did quite well and even though there wasn’t much, I don’t think anyone was disapointed with what they got. I started my week of shifts back at work on Christmas night so I didn’t get much of the festivities last year.  If my rota stays the same it looks set to me working Xmas for a few years yet. (I start back Xmas eve this year so will see non of it at all)

Jan and Feb were pretty quiet, money is tight and the weather was a bit bad with all the snow.  I had to take a night off as I couldn’t bike through the country roads. it’s the first time ever I haven’t been able to get to work due to weather. I fell off again on the icy roads too! I bounce quite well though 🙂

I also put my back out again in January… this is a common complaint but this time it’s left me with sciatica and I have to say  it’s blooming awful. it’s not something that comes and goes, its there constantly and I think I’m stuck with it. it’s a bit weird really as the pain can be pretty bad but its the numb blown up feeling I get in my calf and the pins and needles I get down my leg to under my foot that causes the problems.  I struggle to walk distances and find it tricky to walk down a slope.  I can cycle though, I have no pain at all when I do that.  good job really eh?  It’s just something else to live with and I reckon I’ll manage just fine.

Easter …. The day before good friday saw a post on teh forum about extra payments, payments that had been made upfront that were not included in the IVA, the poster was with DFD and as the same thing had happened to us, I jumped in on the post and asked questions too. Declan (our DFD poster) jumped on my case and tried to get it sorted for me… unfortunately I was left stewing about it all Easter and had to wait to the Tuesday after to find out if what I had argues was right.  I received a phone call on the 6th April to tell me that yes, my way of thinking was right and the conclusion of our IVA wil now be a month early… well actually it will be the same date but a month less. So I am overjoyed at that and the feeling that in 42 days I will be debt free is sureal.

6th April….. My grandaughter is 4… I can’t believe how she has grown. She’s a little beauty and I have her over for the weekend as much as I can… she wears me out tho 🙂

6th April ….. I find out I have another Grandaughter.  She was born on march 31st to my sons ex girlfriend.  She was 7.15oz and called Isabelle.  This wholse scenario won’t be easy or nice and I fear the courts will be involved but I have seen her (as has my son) and she’s gorgeous, this cute little dumpling.  I’m 40  and have 2 grandaughters…. the perils of having kids young!  so it looks like 6th April is  significant day! (perhaps I should put the number 6 in lottery draws….haha)

Today is the 16th April and once again that cloud has decended over the house.  Our Amazing wonderful cheeky son has been gone 4 years tomorrow. Chris would be 26 this year and I find it so comforting that all of his mates… who are that age… are Jamie’s mates. Jamie and Chris had such an amazing bond in the last year of his life that he naturally made friends with all his friends, so Now all Chris’s mates are Jamies… it doesn’t make sense reading it back but there was a 5 year difference between them and normally siblings friendships wouldn’t progress like that I don’t think.  I still miss him, it still hurts and aches and its still horrible, but I do think it’s getting easier to cope with.  perhaps the anniversary will always be tough, that and his Birthday but it’s not so raw the rest of the times now. that doesn’t mean he will ever be forgotton, he never will be.

I will post another blog in 42 days……….. 28th May when my last payment leaves the bank.  You never know… the weather might be warm then and spring might have sprung.


A few months on.

October 28th, 2009

Well…… it’s been ages since I wrote on my blog and I don’t even know if I can remember what I’ve been up to the last few months (old age!!) So I’ve just had a look and it was July, last update… ok…. Then here goes.

I had to get in touch with DFD to ask for a partial payment break so that I could afford to buy youngest sons school uniform.. that was a welcome relief to be honest as it was all so expensive.  I managed to get everything and within 3 weeks, son has lost his rugby shirt…. I refuse to replace it so have told him and the school that unless it is found (it disappeared from the pe room) he will only be wearing the sports shirt from now on.  I only bought him the one and got it slightly bigger so that it would fit him next year too!  We are paying the shortfall back to DFD monthly.

In my last entry to my blog, I said about 2nd son being 21 and sending him on holiday….. well that went out of the window as his girlfriend and himself are having a baby in March… another Grandchild.  Unfortunately… they are no longer together and now I worry that I won’t be able to get involved with the baby as ex girlfriend is bitter and angry and has said that we can’t have contact etc… I just hope she changes her mind. So they won’t be having a holiday and now Son is back home, jobless, sitting on his butt not doing a lot.  I seem to spend my waking moments yelling at him to sort himself out.  This makes me feel like I’m a bad Mum as we have a good thing going me and 2nd son and he’s always been there for me and I know that I have to push him but its ruining our relationship… so at the mo… trying to tread carefully.

Daughter hasn’t found anything yet, she’s just getting over some sort of flu bug… wasn’t swine flu thank goodness…. I just want my kids to have good lives!

We got ourselves a new second hand TV… well I didn’t.  Hub came home and said he was buying one off a friend.  He didn’t choose well…. Bless!  But at least it works and I’m adamant that it will sit in the living room for years…lol.

The shelf in one of the kitchen cupboards broke the other day so It’s all held back together with screws, which fits in with everything else.  This house is held together with screws..lol.  Our neighbours moved out at the end of September which is a relief as they were the ones pinching our wood and coal. Not happy with landlords choice of new tenants and am hoping that they are just quiet people who are considerate of neighbours who work nights.  I have a fear that they are not and with two children under the age of 5… well… I may sound harsh but we know who they are!!

I’m going to my first Frugal Friends meeting in November and am getting really quite excited. I have already met Andy Davie, Kallis3, Skippy 13, and Lesley in August and I’m so looking forward to meeting lots more of my forum buddies.  Jan (Kallis) kindly put me up at her house and both her and her husband Dave made me feel very at ease and looked after me wonderfully.

Only 7 months and 4 days to go.  I sit most days and dream of a debt free life.  Well more about travelling the world to be honest, so many places I want to see and experience.

Christmas is coming and it’s going to be a bit of a washout I think. No money around to buy anything and youngest son wants a bike. I’m trying to eat cheaply and save a bit at a time. I have just been and had a trim this morning and normally would go for a wash and cut but decided on a dry cut to save money. 

It’s not all doom and gloom though, I got a 0 .5% pay rise. Still not sure what I’m going to spend that on yet!!! Lol J Ah well at least I have a job…. Oh coal… its set to rise by another £3 a bag this year taking it to £15 a bag.  2 years ago we were paying £9.10 a bag! Its always pay out…. Pay out!  Of course we are not the only ones but I do wonder sometimes how we keep managing. We can burn wood during the day as Hub does manage to source it from wherever he can for free. Every little helps so they say!

Well I haven’t had such an exciting few months, just normal everyday stuff really. At least we are still afloat and managing, the bills are paid and we have a roof over our heads.  That’s all we need .

Time I updated!!!

July 6th, 2009

I’ve just been reading back over the last year of my Blog and what a moaning minnie am I? it’s all doom and gloom.  So…….. here’s my update.

May —  My 40th Birthday.  I went to my sisters a few days before the event and when I walked into her house she had decorated it with ’40’ banners and balloons. She had commisioned a friend of hers to make me a cake and it was amazing.  it was black and white whith a triquetra in the centre.  I felt so loved when I walked into her house and she really made it special for me. She bought me loads of little pressies and also my fave perfume.

The girls from work all clubbed together and got me a voucher for superdrug, I got jewellery and champers from other work mates, actually I got a fair bit and felt quite spoilt and special.

Eldest son….sort of forgot… less said aboutt aht the better.  2nd son got my a gorgeous cat and some wine glasses with Cats etched on them.  Daughter got me a card (which I paid for…lolol) and wrote me a beautiful poem. Youngest son started making me a card the night before my brithday and the pc monitor packed up.  I bought a new one the very next day and he finsihed it when he came home from school.  On the actual day daughter and I met up with some friends and we went for lunch.  I had a pretty fab birthday and it was far far better than I expected.

My first Grandson was born on the 8th May, Kayden Christopher and even though I doubt we will see much of him (strained realtions between hub and step son)  we now have one of each.  Cassie is 3 now and such a little madam… cute… but a little madam.

June….. I don’t think alot happened in June……… oh yeah. the school youngest goes to decided to change its name and complete school uniform.  I’ve been to the uniform shop today to get a price list and its going to set me back around £100. (new school colours and logo)  I’m hoping I can get something week by week but if need be I’ll just be emailing DFD and asking for a partial payment break.

July…. Mick and I have just been away to Rotterdam.  Bloody expensive and we stayed in a 5 star hotel for the night.  I have never in my life satyed in a 5 star hotel and now I’ve done it I neer have to do it again.  talk about Posh.  I know how to conduct myself in those surroundings (breeding if you like… well thats what my mother says and she’s a snob!!) but I felt quite uncomfortable.  We were looked at as though we shouldn’t be there and it didn’t feel good.  The room was amazing and the food was outstanding… the bathrobe was sooooo soft, and I had the best nights sleep ever on that bed.  A problem or two with my paypal card which was embarrasing at the time, so I wont be using that unless its for online stuff in the future.  it was nice to get away though and I so loved the boat… really really loved it.  One to be repeated at least twice a year me thinks.  I’d love to do a cruise next year but its still a bit out of our price range…c arefull saving over the next year or two and I’ll get there.

The house is even worse and out TV died a couple of months ago,  We’re just using a small one form sons bedroom for now.  The walls are even damper and there isn’t much that can be done about it.  Next year they will be stripped and pummelled back to brick and start again.  I can’t have it done any sooner as we just can’t afford to decorate to the extent that is needed.  I think my fridge is on the way out.. but I know they are only about £99 and if need be, I’ll deduct it from a payment.  I’m getting a bit blase about it all now.  With only 10 months to go… I have been known to pay short and then make it up the following month… as is what I’m doing this month ( I needed spending money for my trip…I didn’t go daft but still need to make it up)

Second son (Jimbob) is 21 next year (september) and I told him today that I’ll pay for him and his girlfriend to go on holiday.  His face just lit up!  He’s currently out of work and he meets me every shopping day (as they live together) to catch up and put things in my trolley …. ahhh thats where my money goes!!! I love all my children equally but he’s the one who has gone above and beyond being a son.  When he was working, he would give me money, pay for my taxi’s home, buy me bits and bobs and he sent me to Cuba!!!!

Daughter has finished college with no prospect of a job and can’t claim JSA till sept, when her Child Beneift runs out.,  I don’t think thats fair really as I’m more than happy to have it stopped so she can claim but thats not the way it works, so I’m still subbing her and will be till Sept. I just hope that luck shines on my lot and they can find work.

Youngest (Alex) is 14 now and is coupled…. his girlfirends name is Viki and she is such a pretty girl… go Al….lol I don’t now what he wants to do in his adult life but Electritian has been mentioned as has Pshycologist. Weshall see what the future brings for him… he’s still got 2 years of school and then A levels so pleny of time for him to make his mind up.

10 more payments to make and we’ll be debt free.  It’s on my phone and my PC calendar… I can’t wait, I really can’t.  I know we will never be in debt again… may never be rich but certainly wont be in debt.  This IVA has been very very tough and trying but I always said it needed to be, we needed to learna  valuable elsson and I think we have….. I’m fortunate that I’ve had my friends on the forum to talk to in all times and I know in my darker times, I wanted to leave.  I just felt that I couldn’t offer anyone anything.  I still dont think that I can help much but I do try to asnwer what I feel is relavant and hopethat I give the right answer…lol.

I want to go to a FF but cant yet, just cant afford train fares etc and the kids offer I had of a lift from Wickerwish was lovely… Aguise too has offered to pick me up.  But money dictates life and its not possible just yet… after May next year………. the world is my oyster and I am damned sure some of my forum buddies will get to clap eyes on me…. ha ha they may wish they never had…lol

Viki’s baby is due this month… I reckon its a girl. well I have always said its a girl…but………….. I do think that I might be wrong… I guess we’ll all find out sooner rather than later.

Keep strong folks..

Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxx

Another year in memory.

April 16th, 2009

It’s 3 years tomorow Chris, 3 long years since you left us.

The pain is still raw and I feel tomorrow will be a quiet day for all of us.  I can’t get to your grave as I’m working but you know that we will be ‘there’ in spirit.  besides… it’s only your shell that is there, your spirit floats around us all the time.  I hope you’re one of my many spirit friends that have been visiting just lately.  We all miss you so much and my heart leaps and then cries out whenever I find something that was yours.  Please be with Jamie tomorrow, He is going to need you.  We love you.


What a crap decade!

In a few short weeks, I say goodbye to my 30’s and I can’t wait.  I want to see the back of this decade.  We’ve had rather severe marital problems, Debt problems, Death of a child, and I’ve had medical problems.  They say life begins at 40 and I shall certainly make mine begin at 41!  Only 13 more payments left to make in our IVA and I really can’t wait until its over with.   So our fault for getting into all this money mess but at what cost?  We’ve gone without so much, the house al needs redecorating as we just never had the money for it.  We all need new clothes and even though I can aquire some now and again for the kids, its still very hard.

Coal went up by almost £3 a bag this winter and its meant that we’ve been a bit cold sometimes, that mixed with theiving sods nicking it.  It’s all now in my what was the bike shed, all locked away and surprise surpirse we’ve got plenty left!!

I can’t let the kittens out or mum, we can’t afford for them to be spayed.  I reckon they may end up being indoor cats as by the time we can afford it (next year) they will be almost 2 years old.  I’ve also got a terrible fear that they will get run over and It would break my heart.  They are better off in anyway!

So much is changing at work, its getting to be a rather horrible place to be, I would love to leave but its not an option for me yet.  There is nowhere within biking distance that is going to pay me what I earn now and there is no way on this earth I can earn less.  its just not a viable option.   I just have to grit my teeth and get on with it.

Our annual review documentaion went in the post yesterday, There is a few quid floating every month and I just hope they don’t ask for an increase.  I know there is nothing I can do if they do, just hope not.  I will find out fairly soon I guess.

Life generally moves much the same way as always, I just hope that the next 13 months run smoothly.  Its too late to give up now.

Grrrr….. If I could just catch the theiving little *!!**

February 20th, 2009

Husband shouted me outside this morning and pointed into the coal shed and asked me if we had used as much as was gone.  No way I said, we skinted ourselves last week to buy 6 bags as our coal man only comes once every 2 weeks.  At least 4 bags have gone and we have not used that much.

I reckon the theiving sods who were stealing our wood for the last 18 months (all gone now) is now stealing our coal.  I am so fed up of it.  If only I could catch them red handed I’d probably end up smacking them in the face.  Then I’d end up in trouble.

Why do some people think they can just help themselves? I know who it is and if I could afford a security camera I could just catch them at it.  But I think to myself, is it classed as an invasion of privacy if I record someone on my property?.

I’m so mad and angry, the coal man wont be coming till next friday and we don’t have enough coal to last, That little lot last week cost £72 and thats the cheapest coal!  Lets hope the weather picks up because coal is our only form of heating and if the fire isn’t lit then the radiators don’t heat and neither does the water.

I hope the culprits break their fingers next time they are in my  coal shed….. hmm what about rat traps hidden in the coal??…. what a fab idea!

Winter sucks!

February 9th, 2009

I know the seasons can’t be dictated by us but doesn’t Winter suck?

I’m sick and tired of being cold and fed up of worrying how I’m gonna afford the coal this week.  it’s bad enough that we have had no option but to reduce our weekly shopping amount to a stupid proportion.  Kids hate the meals I’m cooking but tough… its that or go hungry!

My bike is making the most weird noises and hub and I know it won’t be long before it’s off to the scrap yard… best get my walking boots on cos we don’t have the funds to buy a new one.

This is what I meant in my earlier post about always moaning… I have nothing good to say about anything. I hate debt and yeah I hate my IVA.

We are now a 4 person household and you’d think that would be cheaper huh?  but no.. cos I’ve lost son no.2’s board.  No one actually gives a stuff that I’m £xxx’s down each month and we are expected to manange.  That’s cos they know we won’t stop paying with only 15 months to go.  It would be stupid to go bankrupt at this stage and I have no intention of doing that, we just have to manage.

I’m 40 in 3 months time and I always imagined a party or even presents (yes I know very selfish of me) but I know I won’t get anything as we just don’t have the money.  My parents don’t give a stuff and my Sister will treat me (bless her) but she’s strapped too and it would be nice if she could spend the day with me but she’s 30 miles way and can’t afford the petrol.

Can you tell I’m really cheesed off right now? yes we have a roof over our heads, yes we have food in the cupboards (well sort of) and coal in the fire place (mixed with the tree that hub chopped down… ooppss) and yes I know I’m lucky, lucky than a lot and I know I am., I just feel really annoyed that my life is so crap.  I can’t even afford to have my granddaughter here as I have to pay the petrol to get her here and I haven’t seen her since the begining of November.  I guess I’m missing her.

It’s times like this that I want to just miss a payment, but I know the stress that it would cause.  I do wish it was this time next year and they say don’t wish your life away, why the hell not? At least I’ll get to debt free a lot quicker.

I just feel so tired all the time and I know it’s cos I’m down in the dumps and the weather!! who isn’t having crap weather right now? it was a bit hairy biking home this morning but thankfully I;ve missed the most of it.  I have a fear of lying in the road unable to reach my mobile and ending up in the big white clouds so to speak!

My friend has had a baby boy this afternoon and I hope his little life is a very prosperous one.  What a world to be born into!!

It’s never good feeling that I write about, can’t help it sorry but I guess it gets it off my chest and I hope no one reads it!!!!!!

If I don’t laugh!!!!!

November 8th, 2008

Oh in the true case of ‘sods law’ and a post title on the forum ‘these things are sent to try us’  Welcome to my little piece of the world.

I plugged my heater in last night, it hasn’t been used since last winter and we only have the one, its mainly used in our bedroom as it gets pretty cold in here….. hey ho it worked!!  for 5 minutes, then sparked gorgeous blue sparks and promptly died!!! Ah well, less electric usage this winter then.

 I had to dry some towels in the dryer this evening as I’m so backed up with washing it’s unreal… its only drying cold air!!  I guess the element has gone on that then.

I’m laughing as I really couldn’t care less anymore.   Why do these things die when you really need them? hey I’m all for saving energy and reducing my carbon footprint but sometimes, just sometimes I need my little luxuries.

Ah well, I’ve a nice glass of Rioja and X Factor is on in a bit, also Harry Potter later..So I’m sorted.

Can’t believe I’m so calm about all this.  it’s funny really…………………….Isn’t it??